Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tagged---A to Z meme

I was tagged by SIL Sharon, stitchinwitch who btw knows that I dislike emails of this sort but I will play along and be a good sport since it is part of our really cool blogs. It's not like I don't have a list of events and crafts to blog about but this seems to be interesting and dare I say, fun. I tag sairy (sorry my dear but I was told I had to tag somebody) OK so here we go...

ACCENT: I may drop my "T"s from time to time in words like button and Trenton (hey if your from here you say it the same way I do)and I was bullied out of speaking incorrectly when it comes to words like wash and water (warsh and wooder) I don't have much of an accent. I was blessed with parents who are not from around these parts. I am also thankful for my education so that the words pen & pin, far & fire sound different (love ya mom!)

BREAKFAST OR NO BREAKFAST: I eat bad things for breakfast. Outside of the rare waffle I eat a lot of junk food for breakfast......yes I hear the yelling and lecturing coming from you even as I type this.

CHORE I DON'T CARE FOR: Cleaning the bathroom. Not sure why it just takes me so long to do it. If I could get it super clean in about 10 minutes I wouldn't hate it as much. Plus I always get interrupted when I'm cleaning the shower/tub so it takes that much longer......(yes Sharon I just threw a dig at you)

DOG OR CAT: Hello?! Dog! I have the cutest dog in the whole world and she is the best CEO ever.

ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS: Camera and cell phone with camera. I was told once by my husband that I have a well documented life. I still, after many visits, take a picture of Cinderella Castle. I love so much that cell phones have cameras now. They just need to work a bit more on the technology so they quality is better.

FAVORITE COLOGNE: Victoria's Secret Vanilla Lace, yummy!

GOLD OR SILVER: Doesn't even matter to me. I have both.

HANDBAG I CARRY MOST OFTEN: I have a great little army green denim bag from Wal-mart. I love it. I hate having to carry one so I went with cool, practical and cheap.

INSOMNIA: On a few occasions I cleaned my entire apartment at 2:30 am....yes.

JOB TITLE: Records Data Reviewer Level 2 At least that is what is says on my paycheck.

KIDS: Nope. Not yet. Maybe someday. Maybe not. We'll see.

LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: A super cute house. We live in the upstairs and basement and my parents live on the main floor. We share the dog. The husband lives in the garage.

MOST ADMIRABLE TRAIT: Honesty. Though always the best policy not always the most popular thing. I can be brutally honest and that has at, many times, made people mad. Oh well, I say F**K'em.

NAUGHTIEST CHILDHOOD BEHAVIOR: I slammed my bedroom door when I got in trouble. I mostly was a very good kid. And yes I did have my mouthy years but all in all my parents were lucky considering it could have been a lot worse. And to defend my dear brother he never smashed a pumpkin, he just would take it off your porch and move it down the street to the curb or another neighbor’s porch.

OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAY: Yes. I was a really sick little kid. Don't need to discuss any further not the best time of my life.

PHOBIAS: I'm not really afraid of anything. But I do have a very strong dislike for tunnels, clowns, tunnel clowns and guns. The tunnels I'm afraid of them falling in on me. It doesn't stop me from going threw them I have a secret weapon....the Oscar Mayer Wiener song. Clowns bother me because they have the clown make up that makes them look happy and maybe they are all pissed off and ready to kill and you would never know by looking at them because they are all smiles and shit. Plus the movies Killer Clowns from Outer space and It, messed me up for years. I'm not comfortable talking about the tunnel clowns they upset me that much. They way they hide in the door ways just waiting to jump on your car. Guns are a nervous thing always afraid they are going to go off by themselves and killed someone. It is connected to a past life.

QUOTE: I like so many quotes there could be a blog of just quotes I love. Famous people, movies, music, from t-shirts but are a few:
"Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first" - Ronald Reagan
"All your dreams come true, if you have the courage to pursue them" - Walt Disney
"Be civil to all, sociable to many, familiar with few, friend to one, enemy to none" - Benjamin Franklin
"Well, if crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight? They never mention that part to us, do they?" - George Carlin

(Maybe I will have to do a blog post on this in the lesleygirl says "remind me")

REASON TO SMILE: There is someone out there in the world having a worse day then me.

SIBLINGS: Yes.....a brother.....When he was born people asked me where did your little brother come from? I responded with "He's from K-mart" I guess mom got him on a clearance blue light special or lost the receipt because we couldn't return him. In all seriousness he's a great guy and I'm very luck to have him as a brother. Plus he is smart (mouthed, sorry had to). Really, he must be he married my excellent SIL.

TIME I WAKE UP: 7 am ish during the week. I hate mornings so please don't speak to me before 10 am. I have a 10 to 10 rule. Unless you are bleeding on your way to the hospital don't call me after 10 at night or before 10 in the morning.

UNUSUAL SKILL OR TALENT: I can roll my tongue. I was told that you have to be genetically programmed to do this. Ooo! Ooo! Oooh! (jumping up and down excited that I remembered) I have a photographic memory. Thank goddess because my other memory sucks. It is great to just close your eyes and re-see things. It is also good because I can always remember a face but bad because I can never remember names.

VEGETABLE I REFUSE TO EAT: Most of them. The list I eat is shorter.

WORST HABIT: Bossy and controlling. I know it and I'm a big girl with my big panties on so I can admit it. I really try to be better but sometimes it sneaks but in. It is part of my OCD.

YUMMY STUFF: Pizza, pumpkin pie, rum, cupcakes, hamburgers with fries, circus peanuts (only in season during the summer), cantaloupe, pot roast, bread and butter

ZOO ANIMAL I LIKE MOST: Polar bears. They are so beautiful and cuddly looking. That is until you see their teeth and razor sharp claws.


Sharon said...

LOL. I knew the bathroom comment was coming at me. Don't defend your brother too much, I forgot to mention the TV jammer, rocks in hubcaps, and broken car windows. LOL. He would love a mini-me in that respect. :-) You have one then. LOL.

Kim said...

Now don't pick on my favorite plummer. I do like the 10 to 10 rule just have to figure out a better time for family not to call. Think changing the number might work.