Sunday, July 27, 2008


On July 19th my husband, John, celebrated his birthday. I'm not going to say how old he turned but I will say next year he will be like Steve McGarrett in Hawaii.

John is a touched man. I would even goes as far as describing him as "special". He has a great sense of humor and makes every one laugh. I myself have grown immune to his comments but he still manages to get me from time to time.

Here is his most famous photo.......he takes one every time he gets my camera. I could do an entire photo album on shots of him just like this one.......
This is the first time in our almost 9 years together that John has been home for his birthday. John has an interesting job that keeps him away from home most of the time. So it was a real treat to have him home to celebrate. The brother and SIL volunteered to have a cook out for the special occasion.
Sharon and Captain Jack......Sparrow......made the Angry Pirate, it was a totally awesome drink she sort of made up. Very yummy.
I made the cake. John has a slight monkey addiction. He likes monkeys.........a lot. Monkeys in the zoo, on TV, on clothing, in getting my drift. I got him some monkey balloons for him.

Told you he likes monkeys.
He thinks they are cute, so what else would me make for his birthday cake but a monkey. Wilton's has a really cute pan so that is what we used. I also made the icing from scratch (thanks to Kathy I had the confidence to do it). I used the receipt from the box of Domino Confectionery Sugar. The CEOreo looked on just hoping I would drop something.
It was really yummy. John also has a little thing for bright and loud Hawaiian shirts so of course the monkey had to be wearing one. I was very happy with the way it turned out.

It was a very nice day, hot and humid but nice to have him home for a few days and nice to have him here on his birthday.Looks like he had fun! Love ya honey! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Sharon said...

Happy Birthday to my aweseome brother-in-law who is truly and awesomely "nuttier than a squirrel turd".

Kim said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY John!!!! Glad you were home on your special day. Cake looks mighty good. Your sweetie did a good job on it.