Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another long night but at least I got my sofa....

So I called this morning at the butt crack of dawn when they opened about my lonely sofa.....here's how it went...

THEM: Select Express & Logistics, how can I help you?

ME: Yes, I had a half delivery last night and my sofa is supposed to be delivered this evening between 5 pm and 9 pm. I want to be sure that I am first on the delivery schedule.

THEM: Yes, we have you here for 5pm to 9pm window for delivery.

ME: I'm I first on the list? because if not we need to get that done somehow.

THEM: Yes, you are listed first

ME: Great thanks!

FAST FORWARD TO THE 5:15 phone call......I call them

THEM: Select Express & Logistics, how can I help you?

ME: Yes, when I called this morning they told me I was first for delivery this evening and I was expecting them here at 5pm, are they on their way?

THEM: You are first for delivery and they should be there between 6 pm and 6:30 pm

ME: 6 pm is first for delivery?!?!?!

THEM: Yes, someone will be contacting you to let you know they are on there way

ME: This is crazy. Thanks.

FAST FORWARD TO 6:15 -they call me

THEM: Select Express & Logistics this is Mike. I wanted to let you know that they are filling up the truck with gas and are only 15 miles away. They should be there very soon.

ME: Great! (Thinks to self, I can still make SNB)

FAST FORWARD AGAIN TO 7:20 - I call them again!

THEM: Select Express & Logistics, how can I help you?

ME: How long does it take for them to get gas? I thought I was going to be over and done with this and on my way to my meeting this evening. What is going on?

THEM: They had to wait for the owner of the truck to bring them money so they can get gas.
(Thinks to self, are you freakin kidding me!)

ME: Well how much longer? I am missing my meeting.

THEM: They should be there very soon...Did you really want to go to a meeting?

THEY ARRIVED AT 7:46!!!!!!!!! So I was a bit over ready for bed by that point and missed SNB because of these guys. I was supposed to be first this evening however I was last again and I know that because I had to sign for the sofa and there were 5 other people who had already signed this evening. This is an independent company used by IKEA to deliver to you. And though almost every one I spoke with was very nice, I am still going to call IKEA and speak with them about how un-happy I was with this company.

But I have my sofa now :)


Kim said...

Wow the loveseat and sofa finally have arrived. They look really nice. Hopefully the CEO of KubasKrafts didn't have to get after the delivery dudes. She is one tough cookie.

Sharon said...

It looks really nice. I would mention to them that you had to miss you knitting group with tons of your SIL's imaginary friends. Hrrumph!