Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's Elmo's World and we are just living in it

Elmo, Elmo, Elmo. More fame and fortune then we will ever see. This little red ball of fuzz has stolen the hearts of children (and some adults) all over the world. But we were just concerned about our corner of it this weekend when we attended an Elmo themed birthday party for our favorite toddler, Alex. Alex turned two, the perfect Elmo age. He just about explodes when he sees him on TV, books, pictures or anywhere else he may happen to be marketed. So the Elmo theme was a no brainer for his mom, Kathy.

Inspired by famed sweatshop worker mom, Kathy wanted to try her hand at making and decorating her very own Elmo cake for said Elmo themed party. This was Kathy's first attempt at cake decorating. She did an excellent job, the sweatshop workers are very proud of her and had to tell you all about it.
She used the Wilton's Elmo cake pan and the Wilton's red icing coloring. She said that was the trickiest part, getting Elmo to be the right color red. Too little coloring he is pink too much it looks like Elmo didn't use his sun block. Here he is.............shortly before we cut him up and eat him....yummy Elmo!
What a great job!!! It is hard to believe that this was her first attempt at the fine school of cake decorating. However, she will tell you she had a good coach....sweatshop worker mom. But she did it all on her own and what a fine job indeed. We just hope that she keeps it up (her egg less chocolate cake was so yummy) so we don't have to wait until Alex's 3rd birthday until we see another cool creation.


Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Alex! Tell Kathy her Elmo cake is awesome. You would never know it was her first artsy cake.

Kim said...

Wow looks mighty tasty there Ms Kathy. I love it!!! Happy Birthday to you Alex.

kathyr said...

Gee, I feel like a celebrity. :) Thanks so much for the kudos on the cake. It was fun and easier than I thought it would be. Linda gave me some good advice and was a great cheerleader for me. So glad you guys were able to celebrate with us. I'm already thinking about what kind of cake I can make next.