Saturday, July 5, 2008

I've been very busy.......The first half of 2008, a long and sad story PART 2 - The front of the house and rock beds

If you re-call in the begining of the story there was a cement fairy that turned out to be an evil cement troll. This is that part of the story..........

A few years ago the pretty plastic canvaser and her sweatshop workers decided that they wanted some nice curb appeal. So they worked very hard on turning the front of the house into a fabulous rock bed.

This was a fabulous addition to the front of the house. Unfortunatly there were some ugly sidewalks creeping around (You can see the ugly blocks and bricks in the above picture towards the right side) So when the evil leakage occured in the basement/livingroom the sweatshop workers felt it was time for some outside help. They found the cement fairy. The cement fairy came and fixed (so we thought) the uglyness and evil leakage.

Looks nice missed a few spots...........

Crack in the side of the front porch.

More importantly, the trouth created by not finishing the job. Thus allowing the evil rain water to collect and leak into the basement/livingroom causing scattered belongings, heartache and dispare.
After TWO months of calling the evil trolls almost every day and leaving message after message after message (yes I said TWO months) Finally (after threating legal action) they came and finished the job. So then the sweatshop workers went to work restoring the fabulous front yard and rock garden.

Much better curb appeal.
So that is the end of our long sad story. At least it has a happy ending. With hope and luck the second half of the year will be devoted more towards crafting and preparing for the craft show in November.

As always, thanks for reading and sitting threw the goofyness that is my blog.

***NEXT POST will contain some actual finished plastic canvas****


Sharon said...

Looks so purdy! Rolando noticed himself on the blog. Oh now he'll have rock star status, you know.

Kim said...

I love it. Came out really nice and i don't dare show it to mom she'll have me doing it next. Hey there's my favorite sink fixer upper. :-)