Friday, July 4, 2008

I've been very busy.......The first half of 2008, a long and sad story PART 1 - The Basement

Once upon a time a pretty plastic canvaser had a beautiful basement/living room.

The pretty plastic canvaser when not working on plastic canvas worked very hard on making this basement/living room beautiful.

One day (Feb 2008) the evil rain fell and flooded the beautiful basement/living room. Belongings were scattered about and life disrupted. But the pretty plastic canvaser found a cement fairy to come and fix the evil leakage. All was well for a short time. But the pretty plastic canvaser soon discovered that the cement fairy was not a fairy at all but more like an evil troll. The evil cement troll caused more horrible leakage by not doing the job they were hired for. (Story and pictures coming in a future installment of "I've been very busy.......The first half of 2008, a long and sad story") So once again life (April 2008)was disrupted and belongings scattered about. This was very sad. The beautiful basement was devistated and so was the pretty plastic canvaser.

The drain we had to put in to avoid any future water problems.Had to rip up the floor we worked so hard on putting down.Why might you ask? Well the evil leakage, once banished, leaves behind a secret weapon that will kill!

Slowly the pretty plastic canvaser started to regain some hope. She looked at this as a opportunity to reinvent her beautiful basement/living. To turn it into something that brings her more happiness and peace then before. So the pretty plastic canvaser began to sheetrock.

And paint.
And organize her basement/livingroom.
And lay new flooring. That we hope will never see the evil leakage or BLACK MOLD!
So things are moving along. And a glimpse of organization and order is upon us.
Soon we will have couches and begin to have craft night again.
The pretty plastic canvaser is very happy with the way her new and improved basement/livingroom turned out. Though the story has a little more ways to go. Such as basemolding and the replacement of the bar and curio cabinet. But for now she is very pleased.


Sharon said...

LOL Yeah! Looks awesome, despite the evil cement trolls and their screw-up. I think it looks so much bigger down there with the hardwood floors now.

Kim said...

I love it totally love it!!! You guys did a great job on it. When can i move in?? Love the hardwood floors. Basement turned out really really nice. You guys rock.