Thursday, January 8, 2009

2008 - A year in Review

In January, we got a brand new Jeep. That we are still slowly modifying. I was hoping to drive it around and play in the snow last year but the only time it snowed enough for me to even think about playing, I was in Florida for my birthday. Oh well, maybe this year.Hubby and I took out yearly vacation to some place warm the second week of January. We went to Key West, Fl. It was so wonderful and we loved it so much we are going back again this year. Then I had the BEST birthday ever! I celebrated by going to Walt Disney World! My extra special birthday included the Pirates and Princess Party, total embarrassment at several restaurants and to be the Grand Marshall of the 3 o'clock parade. It was AWESOME! If you want to read more I have a complete recap here
Then the floods came. This is a sore spot for me. I recapped it all here First half of 2008 Part 1 and First half of 2008 Part 2.

Mom and I made many cool cakes this year.

My Pirate Ship Birthday CakeThis Chocolate Overload cake.Sharon's Ball of Yarn CakeHubby's Monkey CakeHalloween Party CakesMom's Birthday CakeI also dared to try some new crafts. This is my unfinished quilt. It will be a goal for me this year to get the quilt top sewn together. And this is the one Cross stitch piece I made and will probably be the last that I make for a long time. I like the holes to be much bigger when I sew. Like on Elmo. This tissue box cover was a secret Christmas present for Alex. My favorite 2 year old. There were a couple other secret projects like the Baby Carriage for sweatshop worker Kimmy. And the Christmas Card holder Sled for my friend Chris. If you look back in my Archives you will see that I got sucked into some crazy and silly Meme’s this year. And I'm not sure how we got anything done with our drunken crafting nights. In the late summer all of you had the chance to vote on some on the upcoming projects that I would be doing for the craft show. We were only able to finish a few of the winners but I hope to complete the rest for the next show. These are two of the favorites that we got to making. I also made a secret wedding card cake holder for Sairy and John in September. In the fall mom and I got new Bikes and took some great rides around town and beyond. I hope to ride a lot more this year and maybe even get to see the Eagle that I heard so much about but kept missing.

I found a fun fall hobby, Carving Pumpkins. I carved over 25 different pumpkins this year and I hope to add many new and different ones next Halloween. I had so much fun with these. Then I was lucky enough to make a return trip to Disney World on Halloween with Sharon. We attended Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party. The weather was great and I had a blast.In December came the Craft Show. This is what we work so hard for every year. I feel we did a great job this year. My sweatshop are the best!The holidays came and went and I was super busy. I didn't get a chance to blog at all. Here is just a few photos from the end of December.

Mom in her warm blanket. Made for her by sweatshop worker Kimmy for Christmas. Love that green color.I got my very own Light Box. Now I don't have to hold others for months at a time. As soon as I have something to take a picture of I will let you know how wonderful it is.I got a piece of real Flair! "Yo Ho Ho Ho I'd rather sit on Captain Jacks lap!"And finally I'm going to try to start a new tradition. After 7 years of marriage I hope to start taking a nice, sweet, civil picture of me and hubby next to the tree of Christmas Eve. I hope to look back on them 10, 20 years from now and think, "My goddess, I was so young and skinny"

To all of you who continue to visit my blog, I thank you. I wish everyone a safe, healthy, happy new year! Looking forward to a fun filled 2009!

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Kim said...

And what a year 2008 was!!! Looking forward to alot more of the same. Minus the unexpected bad things that happened. Hope you and John enjoy Florida.