Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Delurking Day!

Come out, come out, where ever you are.....It's Delurking Day! Yep, that's right. Read the site? Comment. Comment all the time? Cool, thank you! A little shy? Come on, comment - you know you wanna. Go comment all willy-nilly all over the blogosphere. You'll be glad you did. And trust me, the bloggers to whom you delurk to will appreciate it.

And you shouldn't just do it on this blog, you should also do it on the other blogs you may read where you haven't commented before. We know you're out there, reading the blog but never sharing your thoughts with us. We've been watching you (we're pretty sure it's legal now). I have lurkers. That’s totally fine with me, I am just thrilled that anyone reads me at all. I don’t want to add to the pressure or shame anyone into leaving a message. But it’s your chance to give me an idea of just how many of you are out there reading my blog, I'm just curious. I would still continue to blog my boring and sometimes crazy life and crafts even if nobody ever stopped by and said hey.

You don’t have to say a lot it can be a simple hello or you can tell me what you had for dinner, either tonight or last night. Or your favorite kind of cookie. Or, maybe, what's great in your life currently? It only happens once a year so let’s get out there and delurk!

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