Sunday, April 5, 2009

Maybe your mind is playing tricks, You sense, and suddenly eyes fix

Yes, I do indeed have yet another set of new couches. Hubbby and I fell in love with them a few months ago and since they are being discontinued we had to hurry up and get them. I went and ordered them Monday, they delivered them Sunday and not only on time but 40 minutes before they said they would be here Maybe Ikea could learn something from themI was worried about the color being to close but it isn't. It is a nice compliment to the wall color. They are super comfy and have a fabulous warranty that covers almost everything, including sagging, drooping cushions. Maybe Ikea should offer something like that on their crappy couches. Aren't the pillows cool? They are a retro surf board design. So I now have a living room again and I can sit and chill out and craft comfortably. And they came as a set....delivered at the same time What? What is that I hear you did we get them downstairs? Did I have a problem fitting things threw the outside door? Suggestion to Crate & Barrel, maybe make furniture with removable legs. Well, funny you asked. We had to make a few minor, temporary adjustments to get them in the house......

We took the door out. Yes, the door and frame came completely out making enough room for the couches to make their way into the house smoothly. And since it was out, when Mom and I reinstalled it we made sure it was insulated correctly this time. (Original installer was an asshat) Mom and I figured it out ok. It closes and that is all that really matters. Besides nobody will be using that door anytime soon. That was just part of my busy weekend. Mom and I took a quick trip to the World of Disney in New York City. It was a pin trading Saturday and we hadn't been in a long time. Don't worry I was multi-tasking on the train by working on crafts. I got a couple cute pins but all in all the store looks like it is ready to be closed. It is coming within the next few months when their lease is up. But I did get a super cool Lego set. Mom got it for me as an Easter gift. If I had know that it was going to be this cute I would have got another kit in the set. (Set of 6 different kits) My only problem with this is the box said for ages 5+, I'm 34 years old and Leg0s, were our toy of choice growing up, this being said, it took me over an hour to build this thing. 5+ my ass!

After returning from NYC we went out to a delicious dinner with Lil Bro & SIL. We went to Maggiano's Little Italy Sharon & I found it the night of the Seether concert. Apparently it opened that weekend. It is a bit of a drive but their chicken parm is super yummy and the desserts are incredible.
To finish off the weekend I attended a March of Dimes event - Belly Laughs for Babies! A group of comedians put on a show to benefit the March of Dimes. It was a great time! We went early to help set up for the dinner. and desserts! That pink looking cake in the center.....awesome!We also helped to collect tickets and give out wrist bands. It was a really fun night for a great cause.
I am so ready for a good nights sleep. The insomnia had been pretty bad the last two weeks, so a really good nights rest would be great. I'm going to give it a try on the new couches, maybe that will do the trick.

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DeeBaughman said...

Love the castle! Sounds like you had a great weekend! I picked up an Ursula for you and I'll try to get it in the mail tomorrow.

See you on Plurk!

~ Lisana