Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm feelin' so much better, But not quite feelin' fine

Oh happy days for CEOreo, she got a bed all of her very own. Since she is having a harder time jumping up and getting down off of her chair we decided to get her a bed so she can be comfy on the floor. She took to it rather quickly and seem to be enjoying it quite a bit.
Happy Easter to all who celebrate. I got this funny card from a friend and I had to share.
I don't eat a lot of candy so the bunny knows better than to bring it to me. But I do have a weakness for those eggs. Remember the St Bernard with the whiskey barrels? Well, I have a Cadbury Egg Bunny....
FYI the craft cave is back in full swing, thanks to my cozy new couches.
Still working hard on all those sports tissue box covers. I hope to take a little break once they are all stitched. I would like to make something for me for a change. I'll let you know how that works out.


Sharon said...

YAY! The video worked. Very cool. Love the pictures of Oreo. She looks like a princess in her fluffy new bed.

Kim said...

You go CEOreo. I love the bed it is so you. You rule all cheese.

Love the couches.