Sunday, March 8, 2009

I was dreaming when I wrote this,so forgive me if it goes astray

Time changed this weekend! Love the sunlight at the end of the day, hate that I lost an hour and have been messed up all day.

It's been a busy couple weeks. Hubby is back to work (yeah!) I do miss him a lot. I just got use to him just being here and now he's off and running. I've been trying to keep myself busy so I can't miss him too much.

After over a year or more the local craft store finally had a sale on plastic canvas. A sale so good that everyone came out of the wood work and bought it all up before I even knew about it. I did manage to get my hands on some at the competition's store because they honor each others sale prices. So I picked up a few sheets.........96 to be exact. It should keep me busy for a while.And I have been keeping myself busy with these little gems. I designed the patterns a few weeks ago while I was hanging out with hubby in the wee hours of the morning. I am very happy with them and have already gotten orders for both teams.
I am really proud of them. I was hoping to get more done this weekend on them but we had an emergency phone call........a family friend had a baby girl this evening. She was scheduled for a C-section on the 23rd but her water broke and she call us to keep an eye on Alex, you remember him don't you? Well, now he is a big brother. Mom, baby, dad and big brother are all doing well.

So needless to say it has been a busy and exciting week or so. This week should be no different. Starting it off right by going to see Seether and Nickelback in concert tomorrow night with my favorite SIL. Be assured there will be a full report.....ok maybe not a full report, have to protect the innocent.

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