Thursday, February 19, 2009

You say it's your birthday...It's my birthday too, yeah

Our beloved CEOreo turns 8 today. These were taken when she was just a little pup, probably not more than 8 weeks old. John got CEOreo her first bone. Already spoiling her.This was her first birthday. We got her a cupcake from the regular bakery. If you blinked you missed it.Last year we got her a cake from the pet bakery,Bag of Bones Bakery. It's better for her since it was made just for dogs but I forgot to put it in the refrigerator, so she got half a cake. Apparently cream cheese frosting needs refrigeration. This year, Gregg, one of the owners of Bag of Bones Bakery, made sure to remind me a few times to put this one in the fridge. This year I made room just for her cake. The cake was so beautiful and she loved it! Of Course she loves most things that she can eat. And it's gone. Thanks again to, Bag of Bones Bakery for making such an awesome cake. I highly recommend them to all my doggie friends not just for cakes but for healthy treats, wholesome dog food and high quality dog toys. Oh yeah, it's my birthday too! Yes, CEOreo and I have the same birthday. I think that is part of the reason mom picked her.

My birthday weekend started on Friday with Eet Gud donuts at work. Sweatshop worker Kimmy gave me a gift card so I can go to Olive Garden and have some raviolis (yummy). Saturday morning I received flowers from mom, Ralphie and CEOreo. They are so cool. I think that once they are wilted beyond help I'm going to re-do the arrangement with artificial flowers.
Then I had a really nice lunch with my good friends Chris and Dave. I have known Chris for over 20 years. This is us in Animal Kingdom in Dec 07. They took me on Expedition Everest for my first ride. We went to Uno's and talked Disney and upcoming March of Dimes events. I got a gift card to Torrid, love there stuff, Ace of Cakes Season 1 DVD and a Disney Pin, love the pin. They keep me out of the house for a few hours over lunch so mom and her kitchen elves could decorate my cake. Mom made me a cool and different cake again this year. You can see lil bro and SIL Sharon assisted. Look out Ace of Cakes, she's got a team of hard working and talented cake decorators too!They made me these guys. Aren't they cute? In case you haven't been to a Hallmark store in awhile, let me introduce you to Hoops and Yoyo. They are a bit odd but really funny. I have a secret crush on them. I go to there web site all the time to play around with their e-cards. I am friends with them on Faceb00k. I even have a few of their ring tones.
And not only were they cute, they were delicious too! They were the theme to this years birthday. I got several cards that I'm sure I will were out (they are the talking kind), a cool manners book Hoops and Yoyo style, a christmas ornament, a fridge magnet and a t-shirt (from mom) all with them on it. And don't forget the talking gift bag too!

Lil bro and SIL Sharon also got me tickets to the Billy Joel/Elton John concert this summer. As you know SIL Sharon is an incredible knitter with a shared love of Disney. She found some really great sock yarn that have the Mickey colors and she said it screamed for her to make me a pair of socks with it. I'm sure that she will blog about it soon. But I have the first pictures.
The best part is that they can be seen threw to holes in my Mickey Crocs.Hubby got me a really cute penguin, a Reese Peanut Butter cup, a card mocking my list making habit and some pins. Mom got me some pins too. You know me and pins.
I had a great birthday. I relaxed, crafted a bit, had a nice dinner with a Mango Mai Tai and had yummy cake. I'd say that is an excellent day.


Kim said...

Enjoy your special day. You are one heck of a lady and friend.

Happy birthday Oreo.

I want cake!!!!!

Sharon said...

OMG I swear I'll get the mojo to get your other foot warm soon. Hit a knitting dry spell. Hope you enjoyed your B-day (and of course the CEOreo too).