Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We wanna be like you, we wanna be so cool....

What an AWESOME show!!!!! Saving Abel was much better than expected. Their song 18 Days is pretty cool but it was the one or the two songs I knew by them.

Seether was incredible! They were my main reason for going to the show. They played Burrito, Gasoline, Fine Again, Breakdown, Broken, Careless Whisper, Rise Above this, FMLYHM, Fake It and Remedy. All great songs and some of my favorites. Took some video on the camera phone but it isn't that great so I will share this instead....very cool video

Oh yeah, Nickelback was there too! Sorry, got all caught up in the greasy mechanic that is Shaun Morgan (love you John). Nickelback had some really, really cool pyro. They had these flames that changed from a deep red to a cool blue. They put on a great and entertaining show. They played a really long set almost 2 hours and played the hits. Sharon and I came to the conclusion that they might just be the Poison of the new millennium, cheesy lyrics about partying and girls. But it's all good. Think the best part of their set was when Shaun of Seether joined them on a cover of Filter's Hey Man Nice Shot. Got home very late but so worth it. Still has me smiling.

A really super cool honor came this week as well. Remember my birthday cake?Well, I sent the picture to the fan section of the hoops and yoyo web site and it is the photo of the week this week!!!! Hoops and Yoyo go to fanFun and then Photo of the Week

Just wanted to give you a quick show review and spread the cool cake news!

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