Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why don't we get drunk and screw......

We'll it is Valentine's Day after all. Thanks to Jimmy Buffett again for the great blog title. But it doesn't mean what you think it does, you dirty minded friends of mine.

My wonderful hubby has had a hobby for many, many years. Long before I met him he started to collect cool antique radios. He has more than a few. Until a few weeks ago they were safely stored up in the attic. He has finished everything that he had planned on doing on my honey-do-list. That doesn't mean everything got done, just what he had planned on finishing. He is now getting bored and he needed something to tinker with until he gets called back to work. So out came the radios. All over the living room. All over. (It's ok, breathe, it's ok it will get back to normal when he is back to work) The bar, the desk, the buffet table, the coffee table, the fish tank and on the shelf over the TV all have radios or radio parts scattered on them. It's a work in progress.

So today he was multi-tasking thus the blog title.
Unfortunately, not all the radios were stored safely. One got broken, pretty bad. But it became a challenge and now a work of art for John.
First, he glued the piece in place and then once dry covered it with epoxy, the bondo didn't work. Then he sanded it smooth and painted it. He found a color that was very close to the original, Hammer Tone Blue. You would never tell, unless he showed you where it was broken.

To make sure he keeps busy during the day, I got him a radio for Valentines Day. I secretly got it for him and he was very surprised.
While he's been fiddling around with that I have been busy cutting out plastic canvas football helmet parts. Sweatshop is busy working hard so we can try to be ahead of schedule this year. We have already sold three. The Superb0wl Helmets were gone before game day and bought buy the same guy. I've also been working on patterns for some baseball teams this year. I'll let you know how and if that turns out.

I hope everyone enjoyed this Hallmark holiday.
We know the CEOreo did!


Sharon said...

Awww he loved his V-day present. That's great it worked out. I love the job he did restoring the one radio. Happy V-day.

Kim said...

Love the one he restored and looks like Oreo had a good Valentine's Day too.

My sweetie Kevin loved his Pittsburgh helmet he got for Valentine's day. Thank you to the sweat shop workers and the boss.

Crystal Carlisle said...

Hi i love the football helmets in plastic would love to have the patterns to make the helmets for my football guys. Could you tell me how to get them.
my email address is
Thank you