Sunday, February 1, 2009

Honey, Did that meatball taste funny to you? Our Vacation.

Sorry, I didn't get to this when we got home but it's been a bit busy around here in the craft world, more on that next blog post. This post is about our lovely vacation to what is suppose to be warm Florida.

We left Trenton bright and early Monday morning to catch our flight to Orlando. All went smooth regarding our flight and rental car, except that one toll booth that didn't have anybody working at it and we didn't have any change, but I digress. We checked into the POP Century and our room was ready, which is always a nice surprise. We grabbed a quick bite in the food court and then off to Magic Kingdom. I was very excited since it was John's first trip there. I couldn't wait to tell him about all the cool little tidbits and trivia.

The hotel gave him a 1st time Visitors button to wear. They gave us both an Anniversary button too. That was really nice. John graciously wore his on his hat. He is a good sport. We rode the Jungle Cruise, Carousel of Progress and we went to see the Tiki Room. John went on Pirates of the Caribbean with me! Yeah and he survived the drop! Double Yeah! And then I tortured him by riding It's a Small World which we have both now renames It's a Creepy World and have sworn the ride off from any future trips. Been there, done that, no need to ever go back. We got to see Daisy Duck, Tinkerbell and her friends, Rafiki and of course Mickey and Minnie.
We had dinner at the Crystal Palace. The food is normally really good here. All in all it was ok for a buffet and for me it was about Winnie the Pooh and friends. I tried to make reservations that allowed us to see the characters without having to stand in line and wait a long time, not hubby's strongest quality. So we took pictures with Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger. Again, John was a great sport.
While we were enjoying our dinner of roast beef, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, chicken and meatballs, John asked, "Do the meatballs taste funny to you?" Mine were cold so they didn't taste that great to start with. But we didn't think any of it till.....later on that evening when the local EMS arrived checking us for dehydration. Yes, the EMS. They arrived about 3 hours after John, then myself got ill. Very, very ill. I think food poisoning but Disney will never admit to that. We didn't know if we were coming or going, well mostly going. We had fevers, sweats, chills, a stomach ache right out of Alien and only two rolls of toilet paper. Thankfully we had two garbage buckets. 'Nuff said.

THREE DAYS LATER!!! We had managed to drive ourselves to Key West and began to eat solid food again. Key West was great but a little cool for the area. Of course when I called home to say hi, we made it to Key West and we are starting to feel better but it is cold here, all we got from mom and Kim was "It's 63 degrees there HA! that isn't cold, it's 12 degrees here with a wind chill of -3 degrees." No sympathy.

We rode the Trolley around the Island again this year. And I got to go to the historic lighthouse.
And John dragged me to the Butterfly Conservatory which was nice as long as they didn't land on me. Freaked me out all the bugs, over 1,000 of them, just flying around you. But they were pretty.

And we were feeling much better because we were able to get our drink on at the Rum Barrel, which we will most definitely be returning to next year. I made a quick call home and to work so everybody could see me on the web cam on Duval Street. John did this for me the last fall when he took a quick trip to Key West without me. It was cool to see him waving to me from there so I wanted to wave to somebody at home too! We didn't get to see the sunset festival this year because they had some stupid ESPN Boxing match set up in the middle of the pier. That's ok because we just got some ice-cream and sat out on our deck with our new friends Ethel and Fred, the mourning doves. Who never stopped cooing. We sat there a lot since it directly over looked the ocean.
The best day weather wise, of course, was the day we left. We woke to blue skies and a morning temp of 71 degrees. But we were heading home.
We are hoping to try it all over again next year. We hope to spend a few nights in Disney again and maybe catch the Luau and make it to another park this time. And spend a few extra days longer than we have in the past in Key West. But I do know one thing we won't be doing next year, eating any meatballs.

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Kim said...

Love the color of that drink and you didn't share. :-( woe is me. I remember that Duval Street pic. You go girl. Love the one of you and John. I'll take a 5x7 of my sweat shop boss having a blast with her honey bunny. Minus the food poisioning