Sunday, October 5, 2008

What a busy weekend!

After food shopping Friday night, sweatshop worker mom and I decided that we were going to take a much needed day trip to New York City. It just so happened to be the first Saturday of the month so that means only one thing to me......PIN TRADING! Clearing my throat "Hi my name is Tammy and I am a Disney Pin Trader" Group: Hi Tammy" I love them little money suckers. The World of Disney New York City has pin trading the first Saturday of the month, so we decided to go. And before I hear any grumbles about plastic canvas we worked very hard on the train up and back. I managed to finish 2 pizza coasters and sweatshop worker mom finished turtles.

I also felt like we needed something extra since it has been quite awhile since she and I were up in NYC. So we went to the Empire State Building. It was mom's first visit there. It rained a little bit while we were in the WOD NYC and that scared away some of the people because we only waited about 30 to 45 minutes to get to the top. That is really good by Empire State Building standards.
Mom looked around and I did my best to point out the important things like
...The Statue of Liberty...
...Chrysler Building...
...the Lincoln Tunnel under water.
It was a beautiful day. A little breezy but not enough to close any of the sides off. The sun came back out and it got crowed so we were done and off to home. We walked about 4 miles. We came home and went to dinner with lil' bro. At dinner he asked if I would like to go bike riding and that sounded good. We rode for about 2 miles. I got my work out today.....wish I had quit while ahead.
Sunday morning came early and since I had a really hard time falling to sleep I ended up with about 4 hours. I got up and cleaned the upstairs.....lots of work (not really I just really hate doing it). Then mom and I went out back and worked behind the garage. Cleaning out brush, applying ground clear, laying down weed barrier and moving 16 bags of sand that were suppose to weigh 50 lbs but since they were completely wet I think they were more like 70 lbs. Lil' bro asked we yesterday to go bike riding with him at the reservoir. He and Sharon went early this summer and saw some bald eagles so I hoped to see some too. Mom stayed behind to finish up spreading out the sand and off we went.

I didn't get to see any eagles but i saw a chipmunk and these fellows...
The total trip around was 5.45 miles (lil' bro clocked us). It is really pretty. The only thing I can say is that I really hope I can move tomorrow morning since my body is not use to this type of strenuous activity.
After working on these pizza coasters STILL I needed to shift my focus for a bit. They are a pain and I really am just tired of doing them and wish they would be done already. So instead of throwing them across the room I felt the need to cut something. I carved some pumpkins. I carved one for SIL last week. It is really cool. Pirate, of course. So cool in fact I got a blog post dedicated to me on her blog. Check it out So as to not leave lil' bro out I carved him one too.

Remember the concert a few weeks back?
He likes them so it was a fitting pumpkin for him.

Then I got into the Disney pumpkins.....I love these so much. They look so cool when lit up.

Except this looks cool both lit up and just sitting out in the light.
Ok, ok they aren't all Disney, I carved a scary one too.
Michael Myers from turned out pretty cool. I have several other patterns that I am planning on carving, as I finish a few I will post them. Mom says I have a small pumpkin patch going because I have so many pumpkins that I'm going to carve and they are all sitting around the craft cave.

Now I'm going back to work on the pizzas. Wish me lucky and speedy stitching....I just need to be done with them already.

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Kim said...

Your sure there's a tunnel under all that water???
Ahh ain't the chimpmunk cute. Is that Simon, Theodore or Alvin!!!!!