Sunday, October 12, 2008


I have become the princess of multi tasking this weekend. From cooking and baking to pumpkins to bike riding to plastic canvas I have done all of it in a 48 hour period.

Tried to sleep in but for some reason I just have a hard time sleeping in on the weekends. But come Monday morning I feel like I could sleep all week. I started out Saturday morning with painting another cork board for my Disney pins. Then had a nice lunch for some friends. Then back home to hang said cork board and put pins up and away. I managed to carve a few pumpkins and work on a little plastic canvas. My goal was to get about 8 pumpkins carved....I hear you all yelling 8! That is a lot. But that is 8 of about 24 that I plan on carving before the big day. I know I have some sort of obsessive problem. Hubby and mom both played with the practice pumpkin and then decided that they would leave the carving to me.
See! Told you I like pumpkins. Yes that is one of my tattoos. Ok, so here are some of the cool ones I worked on this weekend.
I made spaghetti sauce on Sunday for dinner and made a practice cake. Sweatshop worker mom and I are making two Halloween cakes for a friend next weekend but I want to use the Marshmallow Fondant that I have heard so much about. So I made a cake and played a little bit with the fondant. It was ok but I think I need to make a smaller batch. We ended up using 3 lbs of confectioners sugar and it still stuck to the granite. I like it but I'm not sure I'm going to end up using it next weekend.
Lil' bro took mom and I on a 10 mile bike ride. It was a very nice ride on a beautiful day. Then we worked on plastic canvas. I know the craft show is coming really fast. Got the pizza coasters done and their boxes assembled. DONE!
Sweatshop worker mom assembled her first piece today. These dice are filled with potpourri. She did a good job. Then she felt a bit spunky so she decided to read and sew her first piece direct from a pattern. She is working on a potpourri lighthouse. She did a great job counting and recounting.
I also managed to get a football together. I like it.
It is big enough to hold the remote.
I also want to mention that hubby is home for the week. **Big Smiles** He got me some witchy day flowers a few weeks early since he won't be here on Halloween. He is the best hubby.
So back to work. I will keep you posted on pumpkins, plastic and what ever else I get into.

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Kim said...

Love the pumpkins they look so cool. You go mom on the pumpkin and plastic. You rock!!! John you are one great hubby with the flowers. Your a life keeper.