Sunday, October 19, 2008

Up to my eyeballs in Pumpkins & Cake!

I worked on a few pumpkins over the weekend. I have 11 more that I plan on carving before Halloween. I am going to try to do 3 a night over the next few nights. That way I will have them all carved before I go on my Disney Weekend Getaway.

After some practice on the practice pumpkin hubby John, got the hang of it and carved a pumpkin of his very own. It is his own design and I think it is rather cute.
He only carved one because I monopolized the cutting tool and I wouldn't give up any of my pumpkins to him. Here is the one I carved for SIL Sharon. Then here are some more of the Disney Pumpkin Collection.
Saturday mom and I had cakes to deliver for a friends Halloween party. I made an Eyeball Cake. I decided to try the marshmallow fondant again.....I did much better this time however I will not be using it again. Fondant is very difficult to work with and mom would rather not have powder sugar all over her kitchen. All I'm going to say is it looked like a powder sugar blizzard hit the kitchen.

John was home when we were baking...'nuff said
The fondant wrinkled and was over all a pain.
As a part of the design I put red veins on the eye which worked out nicely since it covered my fondant wrinkles.
Mom's design was a casket in a grave yard. She managed to wrangle some help from lil' bro. He cut the shape and mom icing ed the cakes though there are no pictures to prove it.
I love it! It turned out so nice!
The recipient loved them. We all had a lot of fun making them. This upcoming week will be busy with the getaway and plastic canvas prepping. But I do have good news as far as our craft show has been pushed back giving us a few extra weeks to work. More on that once finalized.

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Sharon said...

Wow you have been busy! I lerve my pirate pumpkin!