Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sesame Street TBC

This is Elm0..........This is Elm0 on R0gaine.......This is Elm0 after a quick shave.
I found these patterns on Mountain Harmony have to give credit where credit is due. She has some super cool plastic canvas patterns on the site. The Sesame Street ones are great and she has some really nice military ones as well.

I modified the pattern just a bit by stitching turkey loops to make Elm0 fuzzy. Then I cut him down and shaped his fur with scissors. I included Cookie M0nster, Gr0ver and Big Bird for the other sides. Once I have the entire thing finished I will post a picture the pictures in my flickr badge.


Kim said...

Elmo looks so cute with a shave. Not even a razor burn or nick on him.

Hey people out there come take a peak at some awesome plastic canvas. You won't be disappointed.

Sharon said...

Elm0 cracked me up. That's some serious Muppet Rogaine there.