Sunday, September 7, 2008

Plastic Canvas and Peach Pies

Once again mom had some talking peaches follow her home. This time she said they followed me instead of her thus making me help with the creation of the last peach pie of the season and my first official pie.....ever! It is a lot more fun to eat than make.
So here I am cutting peaches....yeah!
Peach are surprisingly slimey to cut.
I was allowed to decorate it too! These are the parts of the crust that CEOreo gets to eat since they are just crust and no peaches (peaches would not be good for her little belly)

It has to cool over night so it won't be runny when we cut it. So no pie tonight, that means, No Kim, I didn't bring you a piece in this morning because we didn't cut it, you will have to wait till tomorrow.

We also worked hard on the candle rings this weekend. Saturday night (aka Craft night) we enjoyed Monsters, Inc and Spaceballs while I cut out more patterns and Mom and Sharon worked on part 3 of the rings, the white.On Sunday Mom and I sat on the deck and all we worked on were the candle rings. We managed to finish and assemble 7 out of 10. Hopefully by the end of the week they will all be assembled and then I can finish them off with the flowers and be done with them for good.
A very productive weekend. I only have one more major project to cut out and then all the cutting will be done and then I can spend my time on sewing and assembling.


kim said...

You go girl. So proud of you and your first peach pie. Looks too good to eat. However i'm will to forget the looks and dive right in.

Sharon said...

I got to see that beautiful peach pppppie creation firsthand. Wow you really banged out the candle rings this weekend. I'll help this week too.