Monday, September 1, 2008

Drunken Crafting = Loopy Crafting

It has been a very busy Labor Day weekend. Food shopping, cleaning, laundry and that was just Friday night!

All in all it was a very successful crafting weekend. I finished another secret project which I will reveal in few weeks, the sweatshop workers were out in force with fingers a blazing and my scissors need to be sharpened because I was cutting out patterns like a crazy woman.

Saturday evening sweatshop worker Sharon came over to assist sweatshop worker mom with the candle rings for the 25th wedding anniversary party. Each candle rings has 8 "teardrops" and each one has three colors. Round one was the light pink, DONE, round two was the dark pink, DONE, round three is the white, 1/10th DONE. We have a few more weeks before they are due to the customer and with the great progress this weekend I'm sure they will be ready for an on time delivery.
Saturday evenings entertainment included Walt Disney's Enchanted. What a great movie! I just love the bursting into song in the middle of central park like it is something that happens everyday.

Sunday we were working like mad! CEOreo allowed us to enjoy the weather and take the sweatshop outside. Sharon, Mom and myself sat out on the deck enjoying the sun, the fresh air and the 93.3 WMMR Back to School A to Z weekend while we worked our little finger, thumbs and wrists to the bone. We had some afternoon entertainment that included a brief burst of work from sweatshop worker Roland. However if you blinked you missed it, thank goddess for cameras. After 4 hours or so we broke for some much needed grub and dessert that was most excellent. Mom's township famous, Peach pie! Don't even ask for any because it is already gone.
The talking peaches say Hello! (inside joke)Then back to the sweatshop in the Craft Cave were the evenings entertainment including Labyrinth and Food Network. Since it was a holiday Sunday night we brought out some Angry Pirates which we made earlier and froze. MMMMmmmm! Not sure if it was the extra banana rum or the sun or pure crafting exhaustion but after a half a glass we all started to slow down and get a little....lets say loopy........Labor day for sure! Mom and I worked all day on the deck crafting. She completed round two of the candle rings and I cut and cut and cut out pattern after pattern until my thumb couldn't take it anymore. So after dinner we just rested. Believe it or not! Yes even we do rest for time to time.

I'm feeling pretty good about what was accoplished this weekend. I just hope that we keep this pace up and get as much on the list done as we can. 12 weeks to go and counting down!


Sharon said...

Wow. Can't tell you the last time I saw "Dia Duit" written anywhere. Of course, the dork I am picks up on this being hello in Gaelic.

I had fun at the sweatshop. Thank the CEO for me for allowing us to crisp in the sun and listen to the radio while we slaved away.

My angry pirates are quite tasty if I do say so myself.

kim said...

As you all may notice sweat shop boss and fellow sweat shop workers enjoying a few rays of the sun and not to mention a cold refreshing drink or too and of course the famous peach pie while I however was slaving away at home with my mother (sigh) watching reruns of Jerry Springer and trying my best to not let 2 cats with claws get my yarn. Needles to say the battle wounds have slightly healed and I proudly finished 13 pieces of the Nascar tissue boxes. What a weekend!!! I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR!!!

PS and where is my peach pie????