Saturday, September 27, 2008

Congratulations Sarah and John!

Today we spent celebrating Sairy and John's wedding. Case you don't know, Sairy is a friend from Stitch N Bitch. She married her sweetheart John today. They make such a cute couple. So today started out with me actually doing my hair and make-up. They should feel honored considering I don't get dressed up for just anybody, you know. Then the red dress and the awesome shoes. I think I clean up pretty well.
So do Roland and Sharon.
Roland drove Sharon and I, two hours to some place in Pennsylvania. Time was well spent as we did work on some plastic canvas. All I know is that we passed some nuclear reactors and some painted bears on parade. It was a little ways down the road. It was very nice. Beautiful rolling hills and such.

I wanted to make some thing different for them, so I designed a wedding cake. Sairy mentioned that her cake was to be three squares and her girls dresses were black and then carried a fall colored bouquet. So after a few nights thinking on it, this is what I came up with.The coolest part is the I made so there is a pocket underneath to hold their wedding card. Which is where this idea started from, something different for their wedding card. It really didn't take too long to do maybe 3 days or so. I used heart shaped plastic canvas to make the bottom, which really turned out neat. It has a art-deco feel to it. I hope they liked it.

We had a very nice time. Ceremony was sweet (I got to relive the 3 years of horror that I guess is now burned into my brain that I affectionately call Catholic Calisthenics). Hors' devours were good, when they got to us, food was good, the best man speech funny, music was definitely heading in the right direction when we departed.
I wish Sarah and John the best of luck and happy life together.

Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry ~ Tom Mullen


Sharon said...

I think we clean-up pretty well. LOL.

Kim said...

Wow look at you three. Dig the dress and heels sweat shop boss. I like it. Roland and Sharon look so cute together. You guys rule all cheese!!!!!