Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm Going to Walt Disney World!!! TWICE!!!

So I mentioned a few posts back about hubby and I going on vacation in January. He and I are going back to Key West, FL. We went last year for 3 nights and had such wonderful time that we practically booked our return trip for this year this time for 5 nights, as soon as we got home.
We stayed at Southernmost on the Beach Hotel. It was quiet and we had a view of the ocean and crashing waves on the shore. The weather was wonderful, everyone we came in contact with, whether it was the hotel, the restaurants we ate at or just people on the street, were so friendly and genuinely nice. And the best part, there were no bugs in our room or pool like we did in Jamaica.
We did the tourist stuff like took the Trolley Ride around the island, took our picture at the southernmost marker and went to Mallory Sq almost every night. But we relaxed too. We took nice strolls near the hotel, hubby went to the butterfly place and I sat on the dock sunbathing. So it was a no brainer to go back again.

I was also supposed to go to Walt Disney World in October with Sharon and friends for the Halloween celebration. I was looking forward to it so much. I love Halloween and I love Disney World so the two together is just the ultimate happiness for me. Unfortunately, life happened and I had to cancel my plans to go. This made me very sad. Very, very sad. I was upset for months over it. (And sitting here, even now typing this, knowing that things have changed, I still get upset that I wasn't going)

When hubby and I went to NYC a few weeks ago we went to the World of Disney NYC. We had some pictures taken and traded pins. It was a piece of happiness to hold me over till I could get there again, which I wasn't sure when that would be. John saw how happy it made me just to be there in the store, surrounded by a little Disney. He has never been to Disney World so he doesn't "get it". It isn't entirely his fault, he gets motion sickness and felt like it would be a waste since he can't ride any of the rides (so he thought). And he never had anyone in his life that he would have liked to take there or no one every asked him to go there. Then he met me, the Disney Dork.
He has heard about all of my trips, or at least pretended to hear. He hears about the pins and the trading and the characters. He has heard me say time and time again that I really love being there and how happy I am when I'm there.
So the time was quickly approaching that we had to make our flight arrangements for Key West and since I was with him face to face that weekend in NYC as opposed to trying to do things over the phone (he has Attention Deficit Disorder or as we call it, "look a chicken disease") We were discussing the cost of fuel and how it effects our airline tickets. After looking up some costs of tickets to Key West we decided that we would fly into one of the larger airports and then just drive to Key West like we did last year. Even with the costs of the rental car and gas it saved us a lot of money. So now we had to decided which airport to fly into. We talked about Fort Launderdale and Miami but there were no direct flights in or out so there would have to be long lay overs some where. I looked at Orlando. Cheap direct flights and all about the same amount of time with the nice drive. I'm sure you can see that I had a hidden agenda because he did. So I said, "Since we will be in Orlando and I'm not going to Disney World in October.......Will you go to Disney with me for a few days?" And he said yes! Hooray! Flights, hotel and rental car booked before he could even blink.

This made me very happy. I am very excited about going with my sweetie and getting the chance to try to show him why Disney World holds a special place in my heart. I'm going to take it easy on him though. No shotgun, cram it all in approach. No, we are going to take it slow and only do Magic Kingdom and Epcot. He will take some motion sickness pills and ride the extremely tame rides like It's a Small World, Jungle Cruise and Living with the Land. We can spend some quality time pin trading and character stalking. I'm so excited!!! (I can just see John reading this, rolling his eyes and wondering, what the hell he got himself into)

Of course if I could go to Disney World once a month I would be happy but life doesn't allow for that. Knowing that Sharon's trip was coming up quick we've been talking about it more and more. I've been telling her about how cool the Mickey's Not So Scare Halloween Party is and prepping her (or pimping her) to pin trade. Even though I now I'm going to January it doesn't stop the longing to go with her in October. She mentioned that I should just look at flights down because there is still room for me if I want to go. I found so amazing deals and mentioned to her that I was looking just for shits and giggles. She then reminded me that other than the flight, some food and some souvenirs that I was giving her money for anyway, the rest of my costs were covered. See, Ruth is a Disney Vacation Club owner (aka Disney time share) and has to use her points or loose them soon, so the room is covered. And I still have a valid Passholder Park ticket so I don't have to worry about the cost of getting a park ticket.

Sometimes I think she should have gone pre-law because she made a good argument. So I mentioned it to the hubby. He said that I should go and have a good time. My mom also said that she thought that I deserved to go and have some fun. So........I'm going. **Big toothy smile** I got a great deal on a flight and Sharon even switched her departure plans and is going to fly down with me. Goddess help the airline with the two of us all hopped up with Disney energy, together on a flight.
So now I'm going TWICE!!! Yeah!!!! **Doing a happy dance** Both trips will be relaxing and easier going than I'm use to but hey, that will be a nice change. And don't worry I'm already thinking about the next crazy, whirlwind, cram it all in trip with Mom to Disneyland next December.


Kim said...

You go girlfriend!!! Disney twice in one year. I am so jealous. Your orders are to enjoy enjoy and enjoy some more. Have a great time and DON'T behave.

Kim said...

Hey!!!! I just thought of something here. Yes the brain cells do work from time to time. The sweat shop boss is jetting off to Disney and the sweat shop workers are well working. Now something ain't right with that picture. Where is my union rep??????

Sharon said...

Pre-law huh? No I'm just really good an manipulating you at the right time to go on vacation with me. LOL.