Thursday, May 15, 2008

Featured Sweat Shop Worker of todays blog

I thought it would be nice to introduce some of my sweat shop to you. I mean they do work really hard and they don't get paid. So the least I could do is show them off on my blog. And with craft show season quickly approaching I'm sure I will hear their cries of tired fingers and yarn that won't thread soon enough.

Kim is one of my co-workers at work. She started doing Plastic Canvas a few years ago. She has come a long way baby! She just completed this fabulous and funky tissue box. And the best part is she did it all on her own.

Kim went to Wally-world and got the crazy and bright, dare I say easter egg colored yarn. She followed the pattern and assembled it all by herself.

Way to go Kim!

Now rest up and enjoy the glory because you will be back to doing football helmets sooner than you think!


Kim said...

Tammy is a great sweat shop boss even though we moan, groan, bitch and complain. We do good under stress and show our loyalty by taking the plastic canvas with us on vacation. Talk about loyalty. Shes a great teacher and coach. Hopefully soon i'll make her proud and learn to cut plastic canvas and second goal is to do the baby carriage featured on her home page. Check it out is so cute. Oh and the CEO is even cuter. :-)

Sharon said...

I am a part-time employee of the sweatshop as it a certain brother of the owner. Our fingers have finally healed from the plastic canvas shrapnel embedded by way of football helments.

Yeah for Kim! Looks awesome. Kim is the employee of the month for May, June, July, August...........