Saturday, May 17, 2008

Surprise Birthday Cake and Featured Sweat Shop Worker of todays blog is.....


Yes my mother not only slaves away at the sweat shop working on small evil holed football helmets and holly are they coming along, BTW? She is a mulit talented cake designer and decorator. She is as cute as Duff and has better ideas. She is the brains behind the birthday and holiday cakes around our neck of the woods. She comes up with the ideas and then has her own little sweat shop help her make them come to life.

This little diddy is a cake we made for the birthday girl, Sharon, a few years back. It is Dorothy's Ruby Slippers for the Wizard of Oz. It is made from pound cake and red glitter. And don't forget the slave labor that stood with her in the candy isle at ACME getting all those little YELLOW ONLY sweet tarts.

Here's one she made me many, many years ago for my birthday. It is a phone.

And the Cute little ducky in an egg for Easter.

This is a Grave Yard Pizza Cake.
A Stocking full of Candy.
Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo from South Park for my birthday. Gross but still adorable.
How about this excellent RC Car complete with Honey Glazed Chocolate Donuts for wheels.
How lives in a pineapple under the sea? I'm feeling the need to add another flicker badge with just cake pictures. A co-worker of Mom's was haveing twins so of course you need two cakes.
Dora the Explorer! Don't even ask for it! We are NEVER making another one of these!
Her talent rubbed off on me because I made her this cutie Pooh Bear cake.
And I made this super cool (ha get it!) Snowman Cake!
For my 30th birthday I went on a Disney Cruise so she came up with the idea of making a cruise ship cake. With help from my brother, Roland, they made this awesome cake. It was complete with peanuts for life boats and mini oreos for smoke stacks. Hey mon! Hubby John and I went to Jamaica and mom felt a cake of part of the island would be nice. The talent even rubs off on her son in-law because he helped with the beach chair. (They are crumbled vanilla wafers for the sand in case you were wondering)
How about this most super excellent cake! Yo Ho Ho! This pirate ship cake was for my birthday this year in honor of our trip to Disney for the Pirate and Princess party. Again made from pound cake. Complete with Rollo rum barrels and Milk Dud canon balls. And don't forget the stick of gum for the plank. Once again talent rubbing off on her daughter-in-law, Sharon made the sails.
We told Roland that when you turn 30 it all kind of goes down the pot. So we made him a potty. This potty had blue jello water (with a tottsie roll in it for dramatic effect), a lollipop flush handle, a cupcake plunger, and gotta love Sara Lee for the pound cake water tank.
We also dabble in cupcakes! Told you I need another flicker badge!
But now for the super special surprise birthday cake for Sharon this year. We all know Sharon is a knit wit (get it) I mean she is a wit at knitting. So mom came up with the idea of making her a ball of yarn cake, so we did.

Mom gets the hard jobs, like icing the bottom of the ball of cake.

She did a nice job, don't you think?
Then we covered it in Red Twizzler Twists. Added some chop sticks and called it a cake.
Sharon seemed very happy with the creation and the best part is she gets to eat it too!


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Sharon said...

Yay! I lerve my cake! Thank you!