Friday, August 15, 2008

Wirlwind time with my fabulous husband

The hubby was around and in a close town so I had the chance to go out and visit him. The first trip was on Sunday, August 3rd. John was working for a few days in NYC and had some down time so I went to visit.

I rode the train up with my great friends Chris, Dave and Tim. It was nice not to have to ride alone. Makes the time go by so much faster when you are chit chatting. My other trips back and forth I spend working on Kim's baby carriage. Once we arrived at Penn Station we all parted ways. They were on their way to do some shopping, eating and catch "Avenue Q" I was off to catch a cab and head to the lower east side.

Once I arrived John promised me he would take me (and suffer threw) a trip to the World of Disney on 5th & 55th. So we hopped into a cab and off we went. My plan was to do a little pin trading and pick up a few new pins that were recently released. John was such a good sport. He was patient and pretended to have a good time. The characters come to visit every so often and I heard that Goody and Pluto were hanging out, so up stairs we went to have our pictures taken with them. This was John's first encounter with the famous friends. He grinned and took it like a husband who has a crazy wife. I appreciated it so much. It is one of my most favorite things to do while in Disney, character stalking. It is like searching and collecting treasure. The thrill of the search, the excitement of having yet another character checked off my list of who's who's. The pictures came out really cute........maybe I see a Christmas card photo......
After his Disney torture we went to Central Park. We just sat and relaxed and people watched. It was a beautiful day. John had mentioned that he saw a "duck tour" in Times Square we he went threw earlier. For those of you who do not know what a "duck tour" is I will try to enlighten you. It is a bus and a boat. These vehicles were built and used in war times and allowed the armed forces to drive threw the streets and then drive right into the water and then use the vehicle as a boat. We have done the "Duck Tour" in Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia and the "Hippo" tour in Toronto (same idea only Canadian). The tour guides are what make or break this tour. Our guide in NYC was not only funny but knew what he was talking about. So we drove around the city for a few blocks and then off into the Hudson River. It was great fun. I had to leave not too long after we returned to the hotel. I had to work Monday, I hate being a responsible adult sometimes. But I knew I would be spending more time with John later in the week so it was ok.

Thursday night, well more like Friday morning I drove down to Atlantic City. Thank goddess for my sister-in-law she chatted with me for most of my drive, she was working on her Olympic Countdown video, it is super cute, go and check it out HERE. After all was said and done we didn't get to our room at the Borgota until after 2:30am. John had some crazy drink so he was a bit buzzing and crazier and more goofy then normal. We had a great view of Atlantic City and the boardwalk from our room. We were on the correct side of the hotel for once. The lights at night were cool but of course they didn't come out in pictures so I took one in the morning.
Once John got up and moving (he is a night owl by nature meaning he hates mornings) we drove down to Wildwood. I haven't been there is years but it still looks the same.
The boardwalk is really nice and relatively clean but New Jersey standards. The beach was mobbed so we just looked at it from the boardwalk and didn't even bother making our way out there. Of course that meant that the boardwalk was pretty empty so we had a nice stroll up and back. Then we headed back to Atlantic City by taking the scenic Ocean Drive route. It is so beautiful. The houses are amazing.

Friday night was the opening ceremony for the Olympics so we watch it in our comfy room. Around 10pm we heard something outside that sounded like explosions. Considering we were up on the 39th floor they were loud. We looked out to see fireworks. It was really cool to see them from so high up.

Saturday we headed into Camden and took the ferry boat over to Philadelphia for a cheese steak. It was relaxing and Philly looks so pretty from out on the water. We floated right past the USS New Jersey which was neat. One of these day I will get done there to tour it. After returning to Camden John and I went to see a few songs of the show. John has liked the Counting Crows for a long time and turn we on to them. They have some really good stuff. I wish I could have seen the whole show but I had to leave to head home to catch the train to NYC, again.

This time I went at night and met up with John at the parking area and we went to the hotel together. I have to tell you that this hotel is very trendy and modern. The decor is cool and swanky. However I do have one complaint, do you think they could spare a large TV?
This little thing on a huge wall. It was really a funny site. We also had something that resembled Cousin It.But it was a nice hotel and the shower was great (fantastic water pressure) and the bed was super comfy , I want one. It was like a solid foam mattress but not memory foam. It was hard and soft at the same time and John and I both agreed on how much we loved it, which never happens with bedding. The room also had a balcony and a view..............I didn't say a good view, just a view. We went out for drinks at like 1am which is so not me. I was ready to fall asleep as it was and then add alcohol are you kidding me. Thank goddess we took a cab back because I would have never made the 15 block walk back, I barely made the 15 block walk there.

Sunday yielded yet another trip to the World of Disney. Last week I got a duffel bag with wheels for $20 additional if I spent the magic amount....I did. The bag is so nice John wanted one too. So we went back and spent the magic amount again and got another bag. I was kinder to him this time, no pictures with the characters.

Afterwards we went over to Central Park again to do some people watching. This time the weather was not as kind.....we got soaked. And when it rains all the cabs in the city either disappear or are off duty. Over 30minutes to get a cab. You would have thought we would have had better luck after seeing the leprechaun in the morning.
By the time we got one and got back to the hotel it was time for a nap. Of course the nap was more like a sleep and when I woke up I had to hurry up and leave to catch the train. That sucked. So I'm rushing around getting my stuff together, mad at myself for sleeping and worried that I was going to miss the last early train home. I wanted to be home before 10pm because again, I have to go to work on Monday mornings.

So much for rushing. No, it isn't what you think, I made the train. Got a good seat alone so I can work on my plastic canvas, departed on time and then it happened. We headed into the tunnel, you know the tunnel that goes under the Hudson (I have a fear of tunnels, a big fear, fear that leads me to believe that the tunnel will break or collapse or be terrorised while I'm in it leading it to fall on my head and trapping me and me dying) I don't like tunnels. We stopped. Stopped in the tunnel. The train was broken and after a few tries and an hour later we finally got out of the tunnel. I did better than I thought I would trapped in a tunnel. But I was very unhappy. Unhappy to be in the tunnel and unhappy that I didn't get home until 11pm. My wonderful SIL came and got me and showed off her Olympic Sweater. I was happy to be home and out of the tunnel.

But I guess it didn't bother me too much because Thursday I was back on the train again. This time I decided to stay over night which was nice but this morning 5am came really fast and wasn't pretty. John asked not to go to the World of Disney this round so I agreed but we had to do something. He decided that he wanted to go to the Guggenheim. But we had to eat first. So after eating in the TGIFriday in Times Square and we will never do that again after seeing the cockroaches living the life in the bathrooms we hopped in another cab and went to the museum. Now Guggenheim is a little ways up there 89th street to be specific so it was a bit of a ride. We got there all excited to check it out and.....wait for is closed on Thursdays. LOL We finally want to do something with culture and it is closed....ha...ha...ha...ha....ha....figures. So we began to walk back down to the front of Central Park to maybe so to the Zoo. Well, John and I aren't having the best of luck with the started to lighting, thunder, rain and then pour. We found shelter under some building scaffolding and decided to wait it out. A HOUR LATER it finally slowed down and stopped. John treated me to a carriage ride in Central Park.
It was so sweet. I'd never done it before so it was nice and a beautiful rainbow appeared as we were riding.

Afterwards we headed back to the hotel. We had to walk a few blocks to catch a cab. We caught one on 5th ave.......right in front of, you guessed it.....the World of Disney. We didn't go in we just got the cab and headed back to the hotel. We got pizza delivered and watched the Olympics until I had to go to sleep. Like I said 5am came really fast.

I had a wonderful time with my hubby, wish we could spend more time like that together. And we will when we go on vacation in January. I will tell you more about that in a few days and the surprise I got when compromising on our vacation. It is a good one!


Sharon said...

Awww John was such a good sport being all Disney-fied and everything. The Duck Tour pics are really cute.

Kim said...

You too look so cute together. John you got yourself a good woman and Tammy you got the very best man out there.