Tuesday, August 12, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM! Hope you like your present......

Today, many years ago, my dear friend and sweatshop worker, Kimmy came into this wonderful world a kick’n and a scream’n. I just wanted to wish her a very happy birthday and show you all her birthday gift before she even gets to see it. I’m giving it to her in the morning when I get to work.

And ladies and gentlemen it is hot off the presses. I just finished it and it is due to be given tomorrow. Nothing like sweating bullets and getting hand cramps trying to finish in time. It is not only a complex piece to stitch with the stitches in a non-traditional pattern; there is so much of it, 25 PIECES!!!!

I made one for myself many years ago and it became my first “I swear I won’t make another” or as like to call them “limited editions” because of how much of a pain in the butt it was.
……but I guess it is true what they say, never say never…………… She has been eyeballing my limited edition piece for as long as I can remember and dropping her not so subtle hints about trying to make one herself or just receiving one of her very own.

Last year sweatshop worker mom and I made her this cake. Look so good you could almost eat it.
As a special treat for her birthday this year I decided to make her a baby carriage of her very own.
Pattern info

Book: Best of Dick Martin -- Fun For Everyone

Pattern: Baby Carriage

Level Of Difficulty: Hard

Time: About a month on and off because trying to hide it from Kim

I hope she loves it. If not, I know someone who needs a shower gift to give…..lol (sorry inside joke)


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Kim said...

Like it are you crazy!!! I love my baby carriage. Just like I love the cake last year and trust me one look at it you'd be asking for the fork. I love it the best every. Thank you so much for it all of those who cheered Tammy on. For years i've been trying to figure out how to get it out of the house but the CEO a/k/a Oreo would of sunk some teeth into me. Sorry Droopster not in this life are you getting the carriage for the shower I don't care how cute you are I'm not surrendering it.

Thank you so much I just love it.