Friday, August 22, 2008

And the winners are........(I'm going to be very busy!)

Voting has ended and the results are in. The Watermelon and Rudolph Patterns were the most popular followed by the Fire Engine and the Santa's Lil' Helpers. So we will be making these for the up coming craft show. Because of the time of year and the difficultly of some of the patterns I've decided to make only 1 each of the Fire Engine and Watermelon and 2 each to the Rudolph and Santa's Lil' Helpers. I'm excited to see how they all turn out. Thanks to all who voted!
I've also been trying to compile a list of other projects to make for the craft show. I wanted something different but not too hard. I'm trying not to over extend myself (too late). Here are a few of the other projects I hope to complete in time for the craft show.

Since Nascar is so popular around these parts my sweat shop worker Kim thought I should try some Nascar tissue box covers. This is the one I made last year as a gift for her. I'm only doing a few so I don't get stuck with them. She suggested Dale Jr, Dale Sr, Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon. I'm trusting her on their popularity as I couldn't pick them out of a line up. But if there is some one that I don't have that you may want you can always place an order.
Sweat shop worker mom and I decided that since these little guys were so popular last year, so cute and super easy we are going to make a few more of these little fellows. They are turkey baskets. They hold candy and have place for a name card so can be used as table place settings.

These are a few of the really cool patterns I have found over the last year that I'm just dying to make. These pizza coasters are awesome and the football candy holders are small and easy to make. They would be a great idea to give out at a football/superbowl party. Remember I do take orders.
This angel tree topper is one my wish list of to do items. I hope I have the time to make at least one of her for the show. She is a lot of work but so beautiful. I have a list of about 19 projects that I would like to complete for the show. Not sure I will even get to half of them let alone all of them but I'm optimist. I still have some items from last year like the Winne the Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet, Tigger and Tweety Bird tissue boxes. I have a variety of ornaments. A few candle rings. Monkey, Church and Crow coasters. As well as a few Birthday Cake slices. I will have a really cute Santa Countdown to Christmas Calendar and of course the Football Helmet tissue box covers.

I will try my best to post works in progress and finished object along the way. Don't forget to check out my FLICKR badge of completed Plastic Canvas projects. I have some of the pictures to items listed above already in the set for you to look at. As always thanks for stopping by.


kim said...

Sweat shop worker Kim reporting for duty boss. My fingers are ready for work. Good choices were made and there gonna look even better when we're done. No brides needed just hand over the goods and let me get to work. :-)

Now about the ones that I want to make for myself......yeah I know after the show (giggling)

Sharon said...

OMG the pizza coaster are freaking adorable. How cool is that for a little Super Bowl party or something?

sdgal54 said...

Where did you get those forgeous patterns for the Football helmet tissue covers thanks