Sunday, July 12, 2009

Please to meet you, nice to know me

I'm not much of a reader. I like to keep my hands busy with plastic canvas and if I'm sewing I can't hold a book. The last book I read was a Nora Roberts Sign of Seven Trilogy and I only did that because I was on vacation and needed a break from all the plastic after last years craft show.

Sweat shop worker Mom and Kimmy read a semi local author, Janet Evanovich. Well, she was born in New Jersey and writes about Chambersburg, which is all of about 5 minutes from where we live. In 1994 she released "One for the Money" and both mom and Kimmy were hooked. I myself not having any time to read, didn't understand what the big fuss was about. Until now.

With work having taken my streaming radio away and with reception kind of fuzzy I've started to rely heavily on my Sony Walkman. I listen to music to help me get threw my day and block out the noise. But listening to the same old stuff day after day get boring after awhile. I started wondering what else I could listen to to help pass the time. Books on CD. I mentioned this to mom and Kimmy and they said I should really start reading the Janet Evanovich books. So, I looked into it and to my pleasant surprise she has all most all of her books on CD. Hooray! So I got them from the library and started to listen. I started in order because One for the Money was just the beginning, she is now up to Finger Lickin Fifteen.

I was hooked. Not only are the stories interesting and well written, they are laugh out loud funny. They move really quick and hold your interest the entire time. At the end of the day I want to keep listening to see what is going to happen next. And I love CJ Gritt as narrator, she is wonderful with slight changes in her voice for different characters and gives great emotion to them as well.

As I said Janet Evanovich is up to number 15 in this series and we all hope she just keeps going and going with it because the books and so great. But Finger Lickin Fifteen was just released on June 23rd and Janet did a small book signing tour to celebrate and promote the release. And wouldn't you know it she came to Cherry Hill, New Jersey. So we went to get the book and have her sign it. Mom and I drove down right after work and got our book and ticket to hold our place in line. We got numbers 1234 and 1235, yea there were 1233 people ahead of us. But we waited anyway. It wasn't that bad. A lot of people were reading the book while they waited and everyone was so friendly and nice. Everyone had an opinion on who the main character Stephanie Plum should hook up with, Team Morelli or Team Ranger. Just go to her site and see for yourself. There was food samples in the parking lot and we got balloons.Some where around 11pm they announced for those people remaining to get in line, there were still about 100 of us or so. While in line we got the chance to talk to her daughter, Alex who was super nice. I thought it was really wonderful that she stayed until each of us got our signature and she took pictures with any and everyone who wanted one.
Mom was really happy to meet her and I thought it was pretty cool too. Now that I'm on book 7, Seven Up I understand more and more with each book why she is so well loved.

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Kim said...

Wow mom got to meet Janet Evanovich I am so jealous. Told ya the books were great and you'd get hooked. Now if only I could get my mother into them. She's afraid to get hooked hey worse things to get hooked on.