Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'd like to teach the world to sing, In perfect harmony, I'd like to by the world a Coke...

I came home the other night to ATTACK OF THE DIET COKE!!! What a mess! I had 4 cans explode and split up the side and another explode from the top. The force was so strong it blew the fridge door open.

Here is some of the carnage.....

*Sorry about the crappy cell phone photos but I just snapped a quick few before I cleaned up the Diet Coke before it leaked into my rug* No, I don't have poke-a-dot sheets and pillows....when the soda exploded and opened the door, it must have sprayed out all over the bed.
So now the question is, did they all explode at once like a suicide pack or was it a one can suicide and the others were just casualties of war?

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