Sunday, May 10, 2009

M is for the million things she gave me......

I want to start out by wishing all mothers and all women and Happy Mother's Day! Now time for the weekend recap.

I was planning on taking my mother, sweatshop worker Kimmy and her mother to Lancaster, PA for the day on Saturday. We were all looking forward to having a great time and some yummy pot roast. We didn't make it so we will be going this upcoming Saturday. Instead mom decided or let's say mom's health decided for her that she didn't need a trip to Lancaster, she needed a trip and overnight stay at the hospital.

*In my most TV Game Show announcer voice over cheesy game show music*
Yes, that's right! Mom you get to spend two glorious nights at the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital at Hamilton. Your stay will include two bags of fluids, a CAT Scan of your skull, 4 EKG's, an Ultra sound of your heart and coradordic auteries and several blood pressure checks. Also included in your stay is crappy hostipal food and several large pills that we're sure you will have a hard time swallowing. All travel accomidations will be provided by your local EMT & ambulance squad!

Mom was not feeling all the great Friday afternoon but insisted she cut the grass because after 10 days of rain it needed it bad. It was hot and sticky and of course she was not providing herself with enough fluids. She also had a recent medication change and she doesn't always eat properly or get enough vitiams. So while waiting for a table at Uno's she passed out and whacked her head on the floor. She says she doesn't really remember much more than herself not feeling good and getting up and walking over to me to tell me. But she didn't get that far. I turned to look at her and she was already on the ground. Passed out cold for about a minute and came to pretty slow. There were two men in the vastible asking her questions and helping me stay calm. I wish I could have thanked them because they really did help me stay level headed when all I wanted to do was freak out. EMT's came really fast, thankfully and they were great getting her hooked up and quickly to the ER. Later in the ER mom said there were two men and a women who mom mistaked for a man. She said her name was Meghan which then promtated lil' bro to provide some comic relief by telling me about a clip from Family Guy.

He is good for a laugh. Mom had to have a CAT Scan and when she asked why he responded, "They have to see if you knocked the hamster off it's wheel when you whacked your head." Poor mom, down and out and getting picked on. But she may have deserved it (not really) because she kept breaking the hospital machines. No kidding! Either she has evil super powers or this hospital needs some funding for new stuff. The EKG machine went screwy,twice, the automated blood pressure cuff wouldn't work, her TV had no sound, the fluid drip regulator kept beeping and had to be replaced and her room clock stop working in the middle of the night. Good news is that it appears to be low potassium and dehydration. So I busted her out this morning (well, they let her go, I didn't take her without permission but it sounded cooler). I mean it would have really sucked if she had to be in there on Mother's Day. But now, I will be keeping a better eye on her because she scared the bloody hell out of me and I never want to go threw that again.

So kids a word of advice, if your body is trying to tell you something, anything, listen to it. Don't ignore your upset stomach, light headed, dizzy, nauseous feelings because if you ignore them they will slap you down and down hard.

That is what I spent my weekend doing. Hospital duty, laundry, yeah fun and this:

This is a full sheet. 6141 stitches plus a whip stitch border. Needless to say this is a very limited edition. I did this piece entirely myself and I have to say that I appreciate my sweatshop workers a lot more after this. I am very proud I did it all myself but I realized how much I would rather cut, prep and assemble then fill in. I mean that is why I have a sweatshop.

I may did a little break after this and do something fun, small and quick for myself just to recharge a bit. I don't want to get burned out and loose my mojo, the summer hasn't even started yet.

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Kim said...

Part 2 of the hospital story:
In comes sweatshop worker Kimmie followed by her mother yelling I want pot roast!! Much talk was how to smuggle said mother out of hospital bed but it didn't work. However I'm so glad my other mother is doing fine.

The Viking was a great piece. I'm very proud of you. It looks awesome. You rule all plastic.